Sunday, March 06, 2005

Vacation Vacation

Friday night, I hung out with Andy and Bean, two of my pals from high school. We hit a dance club in Tulsa's downtown district. The high points: my friends bought me alcohol and the club was much less smokey than I'm used to. The low points: it was a meat market full of singles (I guess) grinding each other to very loud music, and apparently because the ventilation was too good, there was a smoke machine to fill the dance floor with nasty-smelling smoke. Yum!

I actually had a good time, drank a little more than I should have, but it was almost a moment like Zach Braff surrounded by his friends in Garden State: one of those "what the fuck?" moments where you're watching your friends do their thing, and you realize that the gulf between you and them is getting wider. But, at the same time, they are some of the best friends you will ever have.

Yesterday, I did a nice little tour of some people I missed seeing when I was here for Thanksgiving. I saw Jimmy, which meant I got to talk comic books and horror movies for three hours, and I headed up to Larry and Cindi's for dinner and gaming with one of my old gaming groups. Larry and I hit Home Depot where I found some really stellar ideas for painting and wall texturing, and we came back for smoked brisket and a marathon game of Munchkin with the group. They were going to role-play to playtest a system on of the guys is working on self publishing, but I was dragging some serious ass by that point and begged off to drive home for some sleep. I'm glad I did, because I nearly fell asleep three or four times on the drive home.

Liz reports that the lock has been changed on the security-risk door, and the panels have been removed from the den. I'm excited, I can't wait to take a sander to that last wall and get to work on priming it so I can try this awesome Venetian-plaster finish!

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