Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Game Night

Back to the all-small RPG Jon's been running. Tonight was particularly harsh; two out of the three of us ended up on a slab. The perfect antidote to a long day at work, though. I've made some major progress on my little RPG project; I'm thinking I might have enough to send to some playtesters soon. I've been lurking around a forum called The Forge, dedicated to development of independent, small-press RPGs (like My Life With Master or Dogs in the Vineyard). I'm happy to say that there doesn't seem to be anything there quite like what I'm doing, which is good. However, it is rather non-traditional (no dice) so we'll see how people take to it. After reading Anne's blog entry for the day, where she mentions that she has to roll dice every five minutes, I'm a apprehensive about introducing the game to a community that has been based on the tumble of a die, and the only exceptions to the rule (the Amber Diceless System, for example) have been regarded more as curiosities than serious systems.

Side note: it looks like Carnivale is in the process of concluding, but goddamn it's a fantastic series!

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