Monday, July 19, 2004

Wedding Bells are Ring-ing, Wedding Bells are Ring-ing

Liz and I spent the last two days at Brook and Wendi's wedding in Portland.  It was a great event; the rehersal dinner was very nice, and the ceremony was low-key and fun, much like the couple.  The reception had a swing band, a slideshow, and everything was outside, but I didn't even notice how much I was sweating until I stopped dancing. 
Portland itself seemed pretty cool too; we hit Powell's books, easily the largest bookstore I've ever been in (there's one in London off Charing Cross road that's close, but the name escapes me at the moment).  They had some great used books, including a couple of Phillip Wylie books I hadn't seen before.  They had an extensive gaming section with a ton of used stuff; I scored an original AD&D Oriental Adventures book for 13 bucks, and a couple very obscure Ravenloft things for even cheaper.  The drive down and back took far longer than it should have, because apparently Washingtonians are idiots and do not know the basic premise of highway driving: pass people on the left, and then get over.  Instead, they just drive really slow in the passing lane, even when the other two lanes are devoid of traffic.  Eventually, I figured that if they were going to break the rules, then it didn't matter if I passed them on the right, and my trip went a hell of a lot faster after that.
Tonight, I shall watch The Bourne Identity and chuckle at Matt Damon as an action star.

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