Friday, July 30, 2004

Is It Hot In Here?

My parental units are in town, and tonight we all went to spectate upon Fahrenheit 9/11, so now I feel like I have a right to express my opinion about the movie. I tried to keep my expectations in check, although I will say that I expected to be angrier than I was - instead, I was kind of sad, because I'm starting to suspect that the bad guys won a long time ago.

The movie was decent; Moore was barely in it, and he kept his usual stunts to an absolute minimum. It was a tad emotionally manipulative, but nothing so bad that I wasn't sitting there going, "OK, this is manipulative, blah." I read, or knew about, or suspected, many of the things presented in Fahrenheit, and the movie did a nice job of wrapping it up in a pretty little package and putting a cute little bow on it.

What I left the theater thinking was that, now that they are in power and have gotten this far, they're never going to quit. That, more than anything, makes me sad.

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