Saturday, July 10, 2004

Shakespeare in the Park

Tonight, Liz and I, along with Brook and Wendi, took in the high culture of Wooden O Theater's production of Love's Labour's Lost at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. It's one of about five (now four) Bard plays that I've not seen or read, and it was entertaining - it almost struck me as a rough draft of Measure for Measure. They did it as a kind of N'Awlin's in the 20s motiff, with Dixieland music to accompany and costumes to match. I suspect the play was considerably shortened based on the number of scene breaks, but not having read it, I don't know for sure. The acting was great all around, and the guy playing Armando did an excellent job (unfortunately, I left the program in the car, otherwise I'd have his name, too).

And, to counter all of that high culture, I'm going to watch Ravenous, a cannibal-vampire-zombie-Vengeful Indian Spirit movie.

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