Thursday, July 08, 2004

A Hundred Million Angels Singing

I got in pretty late last night from playtesting, our last session, and I had a great time pushing the envelope to discover just what's broken and what wasn't. I also came away with a couple of good ideas for my Skull & Bones campaign that resumes this evening (not related to the playtest session, but stuff I thought of while leafing through the Monster Manual looking for something else). I've got other stuff on my plate, and since this weekend is the last weekend before my life turns really busy, I'm trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to get all this stuff done.

On the upside, I had an incredible meeting with our new VP of Sales and Marketing (and currently my direct supervisor), and I found that he and I share many views about the future of the company and how we should take the company to that future. I'm excited because a) the last business-related class I had was Freshman year of high school, so most of what I do is based on common sense and intuition, and b) we discussed refocusing my job on where my abilities lie, rather than what was convenient for the company at the time.

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