Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I just got an unwelcome introduction to a procedure called "email spoofing," where eBay members are contacted by email with a deceptively official-looking message imploring them that their account is being mishandled and that they need to verify information. It seemed odd that it went to an email address that wasn't on my account, but I made the mistake - of course - of clicking the link in the email anyway. My poor, out of date virus software valiantly tried to preform its duty, but succumbed, and now some nasty little bug is chewing on my computer.

A shitty cap to an otherwise decent day.

While my anti-Virus software updates itself, and my emails to eBay's spoof account goes through, I don't have a hell of a lot to do but sit here, wish it wasn't so hot in this stupid office, and think about all the crap I have to do today so I can take Thursday and Friday off. The parental units will be in town, so I get to play tour guide. Should be more fun that I'm making it out to be, but I'm tired, it's late, and that means I'm a bit cranky. I'm also worried that this stupid computer may heading for the scrapheap - as I think about it, there aren't any components in here younger than four years.

I drove out to Lynnwood after work today and traded some of my old worthless LEs off for some cool swag - I scored a bunch of old video game systems (a 32x, a Sega CD, a Saturn, a Jaguar, and a Turbo Grafix 16 to be exact), some X-Box games, and a present for someone at work.

Liz had an extremely promising interview today. They want to bring her back for a second before the end of the week. My fingers are crossed.

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