Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Mike Wilson Hates Logic

I heard a while ago about a new documentary film by a guy named Mike Wilson called Michael Moore Hates America. I'm sure generously funded by GOP folks who would just as soon see Moore dropped off a cliff as they would shake his hand, Wilson's premise is that Moore, well, hates America because - get this - he's manipulative.

Well, fucking duh.

So here's a quick email I drafted to him. He doesn't have a real email address, but they have one set up on their site for crackpots like me - HateMail@michaelmoorehatesamerica.com. So I penned a quick email and sent it along. The text is below.

Mr. Wilson,

The problem with Michael Moore is that he intentionally manipulates facts to serve his own agenda. I once interned for him, and I respect him as a filmmaker, but I also realize that his technique, especially in his two most recent films, dilutes his message.

But, I also realize that this is the exact same thing the Bush administration did to justify conflict in Iraq.

So far, 1000 soldiers and lots more Iraqis died because of the Bush administration intentionally manipulating facts to serve their agenda.

Michael Moore has killed no one.

And, by the argument I just saw on the Daily Show, you seem to be doing the same thing by dubbing your film Michael Moore Hates America.

I'm sure an intelligent and reasonable individual such as yourself realizes that you're committing the same hypocrisies that Moore has committed. And, I'm sure that you're a logical enough person to compare the body counts of the Bush administration's maniupative efforts, and Moore's manipulative efforts. And, being a person who is of voting age, I certainly hope that you realize a body count of over a thousand is, by definition, more dangerous than a body count of zero.

If you really cared about America, you would take your equipment, time, effort, and energy to create a documentary about the person who has caused over 1000 American deaths that doesn't distort the facts. After all, it would be a fitting tribute for those dead Americans - for who is America but those who protect it?

But you have elected, instead of using your gifts and resources to prove you are a better man than Moore, to instead ignore that which has killed a thousand times more Americans and go after a documentary filmmaker who anyone realizes is a manipulative individual.

I have a very difficult time respecting or taking a person seriously who can commit such a grevious error in logical thought.

I doubt you'll read this, but if you do, I would invite rational, intelligent conversation on the subject.

Jason Mical

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