Thursday, December 29, 2005

There Goes The Last DJ

One of the last decent radio stations, Seattle's The End, recently ditched their two good morning show hosts, DJ Noname and Jennifer White, in favor of the syndicated show of Adam Carolla - co-creator of such American cultural wonders as "The Man Show" (tits on trampolines) and "Crank Yankers" (for 13-year-olds who don't remember the Jerkey Boys).

The End, although not perfect, was one of the last stations where DJs could put a CD in the CD player and play it - they weren't slaves to a digital music feed, or even replaced althogether by a digital feed like Jack FM.

I certainly wish DJ Noname and Jennifer White the best; they made my commutes much more tolerable. Thanks guys. And while I can understand the financial aspects of this decision, I certainly don't like it.


Mkae said...

I would be surprised if they were still using CD's even to this day. Most stations have long gone to PC-based studio software just because they're more resiliant than CD players. Consider that the cost for commercial CD players (most stations ran 3-4 at a time that run roughly 8 hours straight per day) and the cost for "cart decks" which is what we played our commercial and liner tracks from, dwarfed the cost for a decent PC and software.

Still, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to hear these guys. I'm a big fan of jocks that don't do the corporate line. Radio is a dying industry and one day it'll be looked at with nostalgia.

DJOhki said...

I once met DJ Noname and Jennifer White cuz of a stupid website I did about hating dimes. I got to draw thier picture while I was in the studio. Can be seen here:
I can't listen to Seattle radio anymore now that NN and JW are gone. It's good-ol' depressing NPR in the mornings for me.