Sunday, December 18, 2005

Take A Bow, Republicans

Alright, I should start this post by indicating I am not trying to be overly pessimistic. Nor am I really trying to be overly optimistic. I'm examining the facts, as I see them, and offering a commentary.

Conservatives are applauding the recent elections in Iraq, and why shouldn't they? Even if the American public was misled (we were) about the reasons for going to war, we have removed a dictator and given Iraqis the shining freedom of democracy, right? And frankly, when their voter turnout numbers are highers than the US's in a presidential election, it shows they really care.

But has anyone stopped to look at who's winning the elections?

This guy has. And the big winner is - at least, by early indications - a religious Shiite party with close ties to Iran. And they are interested in expanding those ties.

That's right, Iran! Land of Holocaust denial, of religious persecution, and the country that really did have ties with al-Qaeda!

Sounds like a country I'd want to increase my relations with!

The most poignant comment I've seen about this situation was on Daily Kos:

    We've expended hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives to give Iran what they most coveted -- a friendly Iraqi government.
Way to go, Republicans. Time to break out the champagne. Mission accomplished (again, again... again.)


William Young said...

Hey, cornflakes!!!

Let's piss on 'em...

Jason said...

Did you have something worthwhile to contribute to the discussion, or are you so everwhelmed by the empirical evidence and logical analysis in favor of the argument I posed that all you can do is resort to obtuse insults?