Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Confusing Power of Geek

Today I decided to try to fix the lock to our master bedroom door, which I figured would necessitate removing the plate from in front of the latch and jiggling it.

A half-hour later, as I'm driving into Home Depot to buy a new door handle because the old one has broken beyond my meager abilities to repair it, I'm again reminded of the First Law of Home Improvement: no matter how much time you allocate, you will inevitably spend four times that amount of time.

And then, as I'm leaving (keep in mind, I'm in an old t-shirt, jeans that haven't been washed in three days, and driving the pickup, oh and wearing my slippers) the cartboy is examining my bumper sticker, which reads

    Why vote for the lesser evil?
And he asks me which party it's for. I suppress my natural sense of sarcastic humor and tell him it's a joke.

Elder gods are above parties anyway, I rationalize. But you know what I wanted to say.

1 comment:

Alan Kellogg said...

Cthulhu doesn't need to run, it doesn't matter anyway. :p