Thursday, December 08, 2005

Osama's Homobortion Pot and Commie Jizzporium

Last night's Daily Show ran an incredible segment attacking (retaliating, actually) Bill O'Reilly for referring to the Daily Show as the liberals crusading against attacking Christmas (what O'Lielly has referred to as the "War on Christmas.") The clip of that segment is here. Hat tip to the Something Awful forums.

The War on Christmas is the new Misisng White Girl - just more bullshit that no one fucking cares about. Except this time, it's politicized, Christofascist bullshit.

Two things stand out here:

The blazingly anti-Semitic undercurrent to the whole War on Christmas thing. They might as well trot out The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and be done with it.

Second, the "Secular Central, I mean Comedy Central" remark smacks of the governor of Alabama during the Birmingham Bus Boycotts referring to a civil rights leader on television as "Martin Luther Coon, excuse me Martin Luther King." Just as insideous, racist, and narrow-minded.

My only question is how can people be so fucking stupid as to empower these moron fucks?


William Young said...

Actually, even some of us who consider ourselves agnostics and not "Christofascists" think Christmas should effing be called Christmas and not The Holidays.

Sure, there's Hannukah, too, and that made-up PC thing called Kwanzaa, and maybe an Eid I'm not aware of, and maybe even a rare Shinto thingy, but let's not fool ourselves on the facts:
it's effing Christmas, deal with it.

Holy effing Christ it's almost impossible to believe there are enough people out there whose brains get scrambled when they hear the word Christ in anything, forcing them to act to suppress Jesus H. in everything they can.

It's effing Christmas.

Jason said...

Yes, and I consider myself among them. But you seem to have missed the point - that this War on Christmas nonsense is just a bunch of made-up bullshit meant to distract us from things that actually fucking matter.

William Young said...

Well, that's where I disagree. I don't think it's a distraction from the things that matter. I think it's just a different battle in the things that matter.

And, no, you can't convince me that this and similar types of media nonsense (i.e., the incessant Hollywood reporting, missing-blonde-girls reporting, "reality" TV shows, etc...) are meant to distract people from "what's really going on."

That stuff doesn't distract me, and I still know what's really going on. And in this particular instance, it's the Seculafascists who are trying to denude Christmas of Christ in any and every way they can. And while I'm no Christer, I got no problem with keeping Christ in Christmas and the Easter Bunny in Easter.

The made-up bullshit is the stuff meant to make you think the "War on Christmas" is nonsense bullshit to distract you from what's really going on.

Take the red pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes...

Jason said...

Alright, let me pitch it to you this way, slugger.

I live in Seattle, which we all know is the fag-commie-evil-anti-Christian-secular-pinko-homo-base of whatever. Aside from Berekely and Jew York City, we're tops of the list as far as per capital raging secular nutjobs who want to ruin the American way (or. of you prefer the non-talk-radio view, we have a very high percentage of traditionally liberal people here).

Just up the street from me is a store selling Christmas trees. Not holiday trees. Not Seasonal trees. Christmas trees.

When I shop in our commie-malls here, clerks wish me Merry Christmas. I've also been wished Happy Holidays. And truth be told, since there are several holidays round about this time of year, I frankly have no problem being wished Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas, or Happy New Year, or a good Kwanzaa (which, smartass, is not a PC invented holiday, it's a celebration of African culture that grew out of the civil rights movement - you know, that crazy idea that we're all equal), or Happy Hannukah, or Beltaine or whatever the neoPagans want to practice.

I could care less if a clerk told me to have a happy Ramadan during the month of Ramadan, too.

Right now, saying Happy Holiday isn't PC - it's making sure you hit all of your potential targets.

But the crux is:

It's a nonissue. It's a strawman. No one cares that much! No one! Except for people like O'Reilly, and apparently, you.

If you insist, keep empowering this stupidity. Don't let me tell you how to live your life. But for crying out loud, you don't get to preach to me about going down the rabbit-hole; Matrix-level philosophical inanity aside, see a movie that is better than a Phil. 101 class and get back to me - I suggest Dark City and Brazil as fine starting places.

Also, educate yourself on the history of Christmas. It was a pagan holiday long before it was Christ-anything. So, if you really want to follow your logic to its conclusion, you ought to be running around defending the solstice festival.

William Young said...

Well, if it wasn't an issue, you wouldn't have posted your views on it, and I'd have never rebutted. But you don't have to make fun of Seattle about it. Sheesh.

Anyway, I've seen Dark City and Brazil, and I love how certain types of folks like to bash the Matrix because its underpinning philosophy is, uhh, simple. Well, duh, it's a movie, it's supposed to be entertaining, not enlightening.

And, of course I know the early Christians moved Christ's birthday to the middle of winter to co-opt the pagan holiday, but so what? We're not celebrating the winter solstice; and I'm not celebrating the birth of Christ, but we all know Christmas is Christmas because of Christ, not Santa.

And, yes, you're right about the other holidays, but I already noted that, and you could get off on a technicality about the increasing nature of "happy holidays" and what not if it weren't for the fact you're carrying water for the folks saying there's no effort by certain types of folks to sanitize Christmas by de-Jesusing it.

Oh, it ain't a mass movement with huge funding streams, and it's mostly made up of crackpots, but it exists.

Roger Whitson said...
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Jason said...

See William, I guess that's where it just doesn't bother me. There are small groups of crackpots seeking to undermine just about everything. There's a group of people (one of my friends, bless his heart, is among them) who believe that landing on the moon was a hoax. That it never happened. That it was a conspiracy.

Frankly, I put both sides of this rediculous Christmas debate in the same camp.

I could care less if someone referred to Christmas as Fucksday, or referred to it as Christmas, or referred to it as The Birth Day Of our Most Holy Lord and Savior Jesus Christ AKA Christmas - it just doesn't matter. My original point is that it's a nonissue, and so far I haven't heard a compelling argument from you or anyone else why I should care - why I should be out there telling other people how to live.

For the record, I enjoyed the Matrix trilogy quite a bit (even the second and third movies). I suppose I have to face the fact that taking the red pill has become common parlance, too. You know, kind of like Happy Holidays... ;)

Kevin said...

My only concession to the 'war on Christmas' debate is this: Christmas music. You know, that one (maybe two or three in larger markets) station that by, oh, about July 23rd switches over to an all Christmas music format.

Other than starting too soon what could I possibly gripe about here?

I'll tell you, there's almost no religious songs played. No Silent Night, no Little Drummer Boy, no We Three Kings, no Little Town of Bethlehem, etc.,etc.

Last year I didn't hear any of those songs until a day of two before Christmas. This year it's been better, but still pretty sparce.

Why do I care? Because it's THOSE songs that get me into the Christmas spirit and ready for the big holiday! And they're well writtens songs (for the most part). There's only so many songs from the movie Holiday Inn I can stomach before my ears begin to bleed.
And ten thousand poor renditions of Santa Claus is Coming to Town, too. Argh!
I'd happily listen to Hanukka carols and the Kwanzaa Choral Singers to hear the decent Christmas music.
At the heart of this trend? Advertizers don't want to offend anyone, so the whole thing drops to mediocrity and it looks like an attack on Christmas.
Nope, like so many things in America it's a victim of lowest common denominator syndrom and anti-victimization.

So, yes, do bring the Christ back into Christmas, but also bring the lights back into Hanukka and the united community back into Kwanzaa and the renewing of the cycle of seasons back into the Solstice.

If a business doesn't want to offend their diverse customers they should be more diverse, not try and strip one tradition down far enough to be inoffensive. Gah.