Friday, October 05, 2007

My Picture on a Surface

My Picture on a Surface
Originally uploaded by BrotherMagneto
(Transparency: I work for Edelman representing Microsoft Surface.) I had my Surface demo today, and that's a picture of me and my coworker on the device, after the gentleman doing the demo took our picture and put the camera on the table to pull our picture off. Absolutely amazing. Sorry for the crummy cameraphone quality.


grey_zealot said...

Oh wow.

It's neat in it's own right. But, I immediately thought, "How can we use this in HeroClix?"

Sorry about that.

And, I'm serious when I say that it is really cool.

Jason said...

That's a very common reaction, and one I mentioned to the guy doing the demo.

Jason said...

So let's keep our fingers crossed :)

grey_zealot said...

Heh, yeah. I know I will.

I cruised over to the Surface site to view the demos, after reading your post. Cool. Really cool.

Of course, regardless of the business applications that might work really well on something like this, if it's anything like the growth of the home PC market then games, porn and internet access are going to drive sales. (My opinion.)
Back in the 1990's there was a whole lot of talk of "convergence." Do you think we're any closer to it, with Surface?