Thursday, October 11, 2007

Buy My Stuff: A Zombie Story

So I finally sat down and forced myself to use's e-distribution tools to try them out. The result is that a short story I wrote a couple of years ago, Some Side Effects May Occur, is now available to purchase as an e-book for the low, low price of $1.30. It's a 6400 word story, so it's a steal at $0.0002 a word! I dare you to find a better deal for zombie fiction / social commentary anywhere. If you do, I'll promote it here!

Warning (for my mother and any other family members reading this) - this story is pretty gory and is intended to be disturbing.

Oh yeah, and I'm not crazy about the cover image but I didn't have any pictures to use so I went with one of Lulu's stock images.

Here's a nice button where you can buy my story too: Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

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