Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poetry Spam!

Gmail does an amazing job of blocking out spam email, but every now and then something gets through its defenses. This morning, I received an email with the subject line "appliance," containing a bunch of seemingly random words followed by an attachment imploring me to buy some stupid penny stock. The stock is not important to our story; the random words, on the other hand, are like some kind of microwave popcorn version of Jack Kerouac. Dig this, cats:

    impenetrable collaborate piranha a the teeter insensitive windchill factor suicide this! German measles at ebullient commercialize egregiously to naughtily, frostbitten doormat the outgrew underside beloved replica the! inhabit to contraceptive ESP recreational combative cocky as stairs kite no-no. by as noble muted.
I should print some of this out and go read it at a poetry slam. Maybe I could be the Next Big Thing in the literary world?

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