Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend Update, and Work

I spent most of yesterday doing yardwork and hanging out with the boys. Crabby and I removed six rhodie stumps from the front yard, completing the landscape razing that will eventually (in theory) result in an awesome new landscaping design featuring the climbing roses that grow like mad around here. Speaking of roses, our backyard has turned into a veritable Queen's Rose Garden - if we want a dozen to brighten up the house, we just have to open the back door and clip some off, which still leaves plenty for later. It's pretty cool to see the results of your labor, I must say.

Hanging out meant going to REI for a sale (all the stuff I wanted wasn't on sale) and Archie McPhees to help Seth on a scavenger hunt. And generally just rolling and having fun. I grabbed my comics, which aren't inspiring me at all these days (exception: Fantastic Four) and the next expansion to Munchkin. Oddly enough, I like Munchkin more than I like Chez Geek, but my gaming group is addicted to Chez Geek and doesn't like Munchkin. Here's a secret: they're basically the same game, just with a different metaphor. Oh well.

So work. Right. It looks like I've found myself another freelancing writing contract for an RPG. This one will be probably the highest-paying one yet (OK, not saying much since I've only had one other paying contract), but it's a project very near and dear to my heart. And there's things like CDAs involved, so I'm not sure how much I can spill yet. It's d20 Modern too, and I'll probably have to inflict a minor playtest on some people. It means I probably won't be dinking around with my novel as much as I want, but I've blocked aside some time for that today to see what I can produce.

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