Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Beware Brando!

Here's a funny anecdote.

Before I grabbed my healthy lunch salad, I ran by the Rite-Aid around the corner from my office for a couple of things. I work right around Westlake Center, a major bus stop and a large open area with fountains where homeless folk like to congregate, as there are benches and shoppers aplenty. So it's not unusual to see homeless folk in stores around here either.

As I'm checking out, a homeless guy (ok, I'm generalizing, but he had the homeless guy smell) comes up to the cash register with three of those pine-tree shaped air fresheners like you hang from the rearview mirror of a '72 Plymouth. I'm signing the credit card receipt, and the guy says "I need to pay for these seperately."

The clerk says: "three seperate transactions?" She looks amused.

The guys thinks about it for a few seconds and says: "no, just make it two."

I'm finished, so I hand the receipt back to the clerk who then hands me my copy and I'm ready to be on my way. The guy then says: "hey!"

I stop and turn around.

He points at me and says: "When Marlon Brando comes, he's going to kick your ass!"

I glance at the clerk, who's kind of trying not to laugh. I'm trying not to laugh either. So I said, "OK," and turned around and walked out.

I'm going to remember that line for a long time.

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