Thursday, June 08, 2006

SIFF 2006: The Nightly Song of the Travelers

Based on how much I liked The Lizard at SIFF 2005, I decided to spend two of my six passes on Iranian films this year. The first was The Nightly Song of the Travelers. The director came out and introduced the film, telling us that it "didn't really have a plot."

Uh oh.

Nightly Song was very dream-like, in that it had incredibly rich imagery, and interesting emphasis on sound, and - didn't really have a plot. The main character was just released from a prison and is looking for his hometown, which seems to have disappeared from all official records and memories. He has a young boy in tow, for reasons never explained, who serves the purpose of asking the questions the audience is asking as the movie progresses.

I'm not really sure I enjoyed watching Nightly Song, but it was certainly interesting.

I am SIFF-free until the coming weekend. Seattle Puppetteers: Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth opened last weekend, and it's showing at the Pacific Place downtown and at the Guild in Wallingford. What are you waiting for - go see it!

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