Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Wish I Was in the Land of Cotton

Via Bobby, the Constitution of the USA and the Constitution of the Confederacy side-by-side, with notes.

Any bullshit you've been fed about the Civil War being some noble libertarian struggle for states' rights should be handily dismissed just by comparing the two documents, and noting which one gave states more rights.

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Roger Whitson said...

hey jason,

i couldn't agree more. what about the argument that the Civil War was nothing more than industrial capital taking over the plantation system? I mean, fine, slavery, whatever. BUT, you can't dismiss the fact that the North wasn't all "noble" itself, and mostly wanted African-American's as cheap labor. And the war didn't even end slavery, which still survived in the form of share-cropping after the war. Exploitation was still there, perhaps a little more disguised, but the industrial north masked its economic takeover of the south by saying that it wanted emancipation.

The problem with the Civil War is that it is too mythologized.