Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend Update

Both days this weekend I woke up early and hit the gym. I'm a little frustrated about the whole weight thing, because I stopped the low-carb routine (and my liver thanks me for it), but even with exercise I've increased a bit, rather than the other direction. I know what I'm going to have to start doing - counting calories and eating much, much less - but that has always failed for me in the past. A good boot camp routine would work, if only I didn't have to sign up for a two year hitch afterwards.

Sunday Liz and I went into Seattle for a movie: The Princess Bride at the Central Cinema. This place, as advertised, sounds like something I would have opened: sofa seating, waitstaff to bring you food, no under-21s after a certain time so cellphones and teenagers aren't interfering with your movie. In execution, however, the sofas were more like restaurant booth benches and the movie itself was just a DVD blown up to enormous proportions. So close, and yet so far.

I'm worried this is becoming a trend for showing older films: rather than track down a print of the movie (not that this theater looked equipped to show a print of this movie), just show the DVD and blow it up really big. It's disappointing: there was a theater in Bloomington when I lived there that showed Hitchcock films, old sci-fi, and tons of other classics every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I spent a lot of my formative 15-16 year-old weekends there, with my family, with dates, with friends (sometimes at the same time). When I think of going to a theater to watch a classic, that's what I think of, not some messy DVD print that God never intended to be blown up more than 60" across (and 60" is pushing it).

But spending time with Liz was worth it. We both love The Princess Bride and spent a good part of the movie silently quoting lines to each other.

Before the movie, we ate at a really good and really inexpensive Ethiopian restaurant. Here's a way to get me to tip you 40%: bring me a lunch for two that's amazingly tasty for $10.

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Roger Whitson said...


Here are some suggestions:

1. Sometimes people hit plateaus, this means that your body gets used to the exercise. This also means that you need to figure out a new exercise routine.

2. The carb diet is okay, but may not work as well with exercise as a low-fat, more carb diet. This is because your body needs carbs in order to efficently burn fat when you run. But, of course, use complex carbs such as fruit, rather than simple carbs.

3. Also, make sure that your routine is comprehensive, this means working out the entire body. 30 minutes running, then lifting weights and doing sit ups is going to be more effective than running for 60 minutes.

4. Also, supplement diet and exercise with Flax Oil...this stuff is really cool. Eat yogurt in vast quantities, soy is good too, and nuts. All of these things help your body to process fat and raise your metabolism.

5. You might just be gaining weight because you are gaining muscle. That could be a good thing.