Monday, October 31, 2005

Indictment Central

Although I haven't written much about it, I've been following Fitzgerald's investigation of the Bush administration and the subsequent indictments and fallout from it. People at work can attest that every hour or so, I'll boot up and ask out loud, "I wonder if there are any indictments yet?" Well, they came last Friday, and might continue to come (I'm not even going to pretend to know what this means yet - I feel like I'm watching history in action).

But tonight, I read a post on Daily Kos that very much summarizes what I think about this whole thing. Money quote:

    Throughout the entire pundit brigade -- blogosphere included -- everyone is trying to decide whether or not the Fitzgerald indictments are a "victory" for their side or the other side. It's not, OK? It's just not. There is nothing good or victorious about this situation, for either side. Nothing. Nothing. (Emphasis theirs).
That's pretty much how I see an ugly situation that's likely to get uglier. It's pretty much how I felt about Clinton's impeachment proceedings and the Whitewater investigation that led to it. And frankly, if anything, I'm sick of the new professional political celebrities. Seriously, we've created a new class of celebrity: call 'em pundits, or whatever, but the Al Frankens and the Ann Coulters really strike me as nothing better than faces hamming it up for the camera, who know what to say at the right time for maximum manipulation.

Feh. Feh and meh.

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