Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Politikal Post

The big news these days is that President Bush named Harriet Miers as the next nominee to the Supreme Court (or SCOTUS to those of us awesome people in the know). The left is sitting there going, "but she's not qualified." And for once, so is the right.

The reaction is actually pretty startling. Even Ann Coulter, for fuck's sake, is up in arms. I've seen conservative blogs referring to him as "Du(m)bya" and more than once the meme has been "I'm through with this President." Pat Buchanan said he's successfully undone everything Republicans have worked for since Nixon was in office.

This hinges around the blatant cronyism of nominating someone to SCOTUS who, although passed a bar once upon a time, doesn't really practice law and hasn't even served jury duty. And following Hurricane "Brownie, You're Doing A Heck Of A Job" Katrina, where it was pretty obvious what nominating an old buddy whose claim to organizational fame was judging horse compeititions got you.

So the right doesn't want Miers confirmed. The left is pretty divided, actually: although she isn't qualified, it could be a fuck of a lot worse.

Here's my take (isn't that why you read this shit anyway?): confirm her. Confirm her, and dose her up with health drugs so she lives a long, long, long time. She will serve as a constant reminder of the bullshit the right has inflicted on this country and the world with this President. In twenty years, we might be tempted to forget and elect some other pompous asshole who steals Christmas wreaths and likes to feel good about himself by bossing others around, whose friends in oil and the religious wingnut movements will dictate every step of his policy. And then we'll look at Miers and say, "HOLY FUCK THAT'SRIGHT WE CAN'T FUCKING DO THAT LET'S ELECT A REAL PRESIDENT INSTEAD!"

It's not that I want to say "I told you so, dipshits, what did you expect?" It's not that I feel mildly vindicated. It's that people with that short of an attention span, and that easily misled, who think two men holding hands in Omaha is a more important election concern that our economy, our foreign and domestic policies, and our dignity as Americans, need constant reminders not to fuck up again.

Seriously, when a dog takes a shit in your kitchen, you take the dog, put its face in the shit, and tell it "NO."

The right has shit in our collective kitchen.

Confirming Miers as a lasting testament to rightwing idiocy is a nice, big NO.

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