Monday, October 31, 2005

And The Obligatory Weekend Post

Yesterday was the Big Party. That meant up at 7 AM to hit the gym and then clean until 4. I managed to watch Woody Allen's Manhattan while cleaning the den, which I thought had its moments but was pretty much Annie Hall redux, but not quite as good. The Party itself went fine - lots of people showed up, and it wound down at a reasonable hour so I could haul my tired self into bed with little wear and tear.

Today, I got up and cleaned up and then spent the day lazing around. I burned through Katamari Damaci today (my roommates had played it, but I never did, except on multiplayer). Great game. I also finished watching Troy (overdirected and overwritten), and King Arthur (so much potential wasted because of glaring story problems - like moving from one scene with snow to another scene with summer leaves on trees. Huh?) So I'll get three new Netflix movies soon.

I keep forgetting to mention this: I finished my audiobook at the gym, The Plot Against America by Philip Roth. A very interesting alternate history book, where Charles Lindburgh (who was a famous anti-Semite) defeated Roosevelt in 1940 and made an alliance with Germany, which included beginning to enact a final solution against America's Jews. The story is mainly told through the eyes of a young boy and the toll the situation takes on his family. Recommended. Now, I'm listening to Freakonomics after recommendations from both Seth and Bob.

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