Saturday, October 16, 2004

Long Time, No Post

I haven't done one of my "what I'm doing in my life" posts for a while, because my life has been really busy, so there isn't much time for posting that kind of stuff here. It's Friday night, and instead of going out and having fun - not that I really do that anyway - I'm getting into a game of Civ 3 that I hope will tide me over until San Andreas. I've got some movies to watch this weekend; I have to say, Netflix is worth it.

Last Monday, I attended a meeting of a local writer's group. Wolfgang and Jeff invited me, and it was an extremely positive experience - not just being around other writers, but getting some damn good feedback on a story I recently wrote, that I hope to polish up enough for a contest at the end of the month. Unlike my writer's group back in Tulsa, ego played little role in this, and the criticism was consistantly helpful; I really felt like I walked out of there with some good suggestions to do a much-improved rewrite.

Tuesday was World's Largest Dungeon, Wednesday was Skull and Bones and the debate. I didn't live-blog or even really comment on it; the media has made a mockery of the whole thing by playing up this Cheney's daughter bullshit and not even mentioning Bush's baldfaced lie about bin Laden not being a concern. Rove's troops are on the march, and Kerry is once again on the defensive. If there's a win, it's gonna be a Hail Mary at this point, unless something major happens in the next couple of weeks.

Last night I stayed in, and right now, I'm playing Civ 3 and listening to the Gladiator soundtrack, one of the nice instances when the music to the film is better than the film itself.

I've got some other stuff backlogged I'll post in a second.

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