Friday, October 08, 2004

Just One Year of Blogs

Today marks the Paper Anniversary for Subversive Puppet Show (formerly known as The Pirate Log or something). In that time, I've made 597 posts for a total of 107,568 words. I've switched jobs - twice - but I'm still at the same company. Liz was downsized, but found a better job. We're still in the same place, but we're looking at buying a house.

When I started this blog, my goals went something like this:

    So, I'm turning to this blog as a means to write something other than training manuals, responses to customer service inquiries, and announcements about the Next Big Thing at the office.
I'd say I've been reasonably successful. Puppet Show has forced me to write, and in turn, that's helped my fiction. I did finish Crocodile Man and start on another, as-yet-unnamed novel. And just last night, I finished the first draft of a story, one that's a bit of a departure from what I typically write.

I'm still doing the political rants and movie reviews and other opinions, and I'd like to think that at least some of what I've written has proven insightful to someone, but I'm not sure I'll allow myself that arrogance. For me personally, it's a tool to use when I want to walk down memory lane and see where I've been, when, how, and what I was thinking.

And cheers to me for keeping at this project for so long. I certainly don't show any signs of stopping.

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