Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Good TV (Again)

Liz and I just wrapped up watching the second season of Jeremiah. It wasn't great in the way that Firefly was great, but it was certainly satisfying. Most post-apocalyptic fiction is really just survivalist masturbatory fantasies, and Jeremiah excells by being more a story about hope than about getting a bigger gun and killing all of the people who stand in the way of Truth and Justice, or Your Version of the Future: whatever. J.M.S. is to be commended for creating such a good show, and Showtime is to be commended for allowing it to run.

I lost a post earlier today; I'm seriously considering hopping ship to a blog hosted elsewhere (possibly on my own server). I've got almost 110,000 words invested in this stupid thing, and I really don't care to lose it.

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