Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Matter of Family

Last night was the most difficult so far in this move: I dropped off the cats at their temporary house where they'll live with friends for the next four months. The parting was difficult, but harder is the fact that this is the first time our family has been apart like this. Ever.

Even on the move to Seattle, when I was here alone, Elizabeth and the cats stayed together. It's odd; they are animals, but they are our family too. Family's a funny thing. I've grown to realize that it doesn't just mean your blood relatives, it's the support network of friends and loved ones as much as it is those to whom you're directly related. I just spent a week with my blood relatives and in my last week here I'm spending time with the family that has in one way or another formed here: Brook and Wendi, Angela and John, Seth, Jon, Crabby, Kevin and Kim.

And then off to a distant land where our core family will be reunited and we'll make new friends.

It's too early to be writing these kinds of posts.


Jon said...

Not true. I think now is when you'll feel those feelings most sharply. Liz is gone and now the cats are gone, plus the next few times you see your friends will be the last times you see us for a while, so each bit of contact is more meaningful. I know I'm already feeling bad about not being able to see you more before you go. I'm sad to see you leave, but I'm excited for you and the opportunities you'll have there.

Leah in Chicago said...


When I lived in London, I would feel my cat jump into my bed I missed him so much. Sounds like you're going to do the quarentine and get them over?