Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not a Blogroll, a Read-roll

My blogroll is seriously out of date. I don't really use it as the one-stop shop control panel I used to when reading other people's blogs. In fact, it's become an artifact of a web 1.0 world. I do my reading through Google Reader now, and only in some rare instances do I go look at the content on the blog itself (for example, when I'm commenting on a post.)

So here's my read-roll - the blogs I've got in my Google Reader. If your blog isn't in here, it may be because a) I don't know your blog, and you should leave me a comment; b) for some reason (Magner, I'm looking at you) your RSS doesn't work right and I still have to read your blog on your site; c) you haven't updated in ages and I took you off my roll.

As of this morning, I read 80 feeds. They are all listed below, with the reasons why I read them. Note: Links go to blogs, not to RSS feeds.

  • A Soviet Poster A Day. Your daily dose of vintage Soviet propaganda.
  • Leah In Chicago|Accidentally Jewish. A coworker's blog who concentrates mainly on the journey of someone converting to Judaism, which is good for my religious curiosity.
  • An American In London. An American Ex-Pat blog, written by a great writer who helped me figure some stuff out about my move. Very well-written posts.
  • Anacrusis. A daily, 101-word story. A great way to creatively kick off my day.
  • Become What You Behold. My friend Roger's blog, mostly discussing scholarly things.
  • Brandon's Shared Items. Brandon's list of Shared items from his Google Reader. (Not a blog.)
  • Boing Boing. General geek interest site, and one of 5 or so blogs everyone should read.
  • Bokardo: Social Web Design. Run by a chap named Joshua Porter. I'm not sure when I added this blog to my Reader, but his thoughts on designing for social spaces are interesting and offer a different perspective from how I typically see the web (and web "spaces.")
  • Brandon's Hodgepodge. Friend and former co-worker Brandon Gribin's blog. He's in Israel right now and posts cool pictures taken with his iPhone.
  • Brother Magneto's Xbox 360 Blog. A feed of my accomplishments on Xbox Live. One of the killer Web 2.0 features of the 360 that the other consoles don't have. Now if only they didn't break so much...
  • CC Chapman's Blog. CC Chapman's personal blog. CC's podcast is the only one I listen to regularly.
  • Cheap Eats In London. One of my most recent adds, so I can figure out where the hell I'm going to eat without breaking my bank in the UK.
  • Chris's Invincible Super Blog. One of a handful of comic blogs I regularly read, and definitely one of the most entertaining.
  • Copy, Right? I'm a big fan of cover songs and this blog is one of the best places to find new ones.
  • Cover Freak. The other great cover song blog out there, it updates less regularly but has some pretty kickass songs on it.
  • Dave's Long Box. Dave's blog has a great premise: he reviews old backissues from his collection. I've found some pretty interesting stuff through reading his posts.
  • Dennis Detwiller's Blog. Game designer and author, Dennis' blog is another recent addition but so far has yielded free Delta Green fiction - what's not to love?
  • Digital Hive. The blog for Digitas, a group that my company's east coast team works with. They really dig into a lot of the technical specifics of new marketing.
  • Doodle A Day. Fellow Alliterate Stan!'s experiment in posting one doodle a day. Updated daily with a funny, usually gaming-related picture.
  • Dthon. Fellow Alliterate Scott's personal blog.
  • DuncanRiley.com. Duncan is one of the founders of Gooruze, a social networking site geared specifically towards new marketers. This is his personal blog.
  • Fallon Planning. A blog discussing branding issues in the online space, but often goes far beyond to broader issues in new marketing.
  • Fallout 3: A Post-Nuclear Blog. News and commentary on Fallout 3, from a community perspective.
  • Francesco Explains It All. Blog of writer/cartoonist Francesco Marciuliano. Topics are all over the place, but are typically funny, good reads.
  • Gamerscore Blog. I like to keep up to date on what my former clients are up to, mostly because I'm a big fan of the Xbox 360.
  • Gibson Blog. William S. Gibson's blog, makes for interesting reading. I'm always curious to read author blogs and see how similar they are to how the author writes books.
  • Grand Text Auto. A great blog about game writing and gaming as an art form.
  • Grubb Street. Fellow Alliterate Jeff's personal blog, and probably my main source for voting information in local elections.
  • Grumpy Gamer. Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame's personal blog, updated infrequently but contains interesting analysis of the current state of video gaming when he does write.
  • isleepnow. My friend Angela's personal blog. I wish she'd update with more original content (hint, hint.)
  • HorsesAss. Local liberal political blog.
  • I CAN HAZ CHEEZBURGER. LOLCats. What more do you need to know?
  • It's Not a Lecture. David Wescott's blog about online conversations. Often looks at politics, which I believe really led the "new marketing" revolution back in the FreeRepublic.com days.
  • Jane in Progress. Occasionally I entertain the notion that I could be a screenwriter. Jane, who as written for some of my favorite shows, keeps a great blog about doing just that, geared at newbies.
  • Jericho Blog: The Salty Scoop. It's no secret I like CBS' "Jericho" a lot, so it should come as no surprise that I subscribe to the producers' blog.
  • Kotaku. I don't always read it, but Kotaku keeps me up to speed on gaming news when I do. If only they didn't post so much...
  • Laughing Squid. I found Laughing Squid during the dark times Vista outreach days and really enjoy reading it. It's an eclectic mix of art and various pieces of strangeness.
  • Lifehacker. Run by some of the same people who run Boing Boing, Lifehacker is a great mix of helpful living tips and odd pieces of gadget-related news.
  • LOLTHULHU. LOLCats + The Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Londonist. Gothamist's London branch, and my main source for London news at the moment.
  • Magazine Death Pool. Seth turned me on to this one - a blog devoted to recording magazines that go out of business, primarily as new media is replacing old media.
  • MAKE Magazine. The print version of Lifehacker.
  • Managing the Gray - Marketing for the New Media Professional. CC Chapman's podcast, which Seth originally linked me to once upon a time.
  • Mashable! Social networking news with commentary. Updates several times a day.
  • Media Guerrilla. Mike Manuel's new marketing blog. Quality rather than quantity is the keyword for this blog. Mike doesn't update often but his posts are extremely well-thought-out and offer good insights.
  • My Old Kentucky Blog. One of my favorite music blogs, and another good place to find covers from time to time.
  • Nothing good can come of this... Despite its pessimistic name, Jon's personal blog is a good way to keep up on what's going on in his life.
  • Ober Dicta. Seth's personal blog and one of the key inspirations for whipping the Puppet Show in shape.
  • Paleo-Future. This blog has an awesome premise: a retrospective look at old visions for the future.
  • Passive-Aggressive Notes. A good humor blog to help me keep things in perspective.
  • Penny Arcade. I read it for the comics, and Gabe and Tycho are pretty fucking funny.
  • Permuted Press. Permuted Press publishes zombie novels and this is their blog. I watch it so I'm aware when they open submissions again. Not that I'm waiting for that for any reason or anything.
  • Play This Thing! I know a couple of the people involved in this blog, but I read it because Play This Thing! is a nice roundup of (mostly) casual-type games online.
  • Post-Apocalypse UK News. A blog devoted entirely to post-apocalyptic movie and entertainment news. You can see the appeal for me.
  • Robin D. Laws' Livejournal. Personal LJ for Robin Laws.
  • Roleplaying Tips 2.0. Online e-zine published with RSS about - yup - roleplaying tips. It usually has some excellent content - I found the "five room dungeon" template here.
  • Seattlest. Gothamist's Seattle version, one which will probably drop off my read-roll once I'm in London.
  • Seth Godin's Blog. Despite the fact that he looks like the logo from "You Don't Know Jack" and he's a shameless self-promoter, Seth Godin's blog is a must-read for new marketing folks.
  • Seth's Shared Items: Seth's Google Reader feed.
  • Simon Says. A blog penned by my future London colleague Simon Collister. New Marketing with a UK twist.
  • Slog. The Stranger's Blog, and my second main source for Seattle news.
  • Something Awful. The frontpage feed (there's a frontpage?)
  • Strange Maps. Another quirky favorite, this blog - as its name implies - aggregates strange and unusual maps.
  • Techno//Marketer. Matt Dickman's new marketing blog. I found this one through Gooruze and have found it pretty insightful.
  • Escapist Magazine. I actually get two feeds from this, but Escapist Magazine is a decent read for gaming - and is the current home of Yahtzee's awesome video reviews of games.
  • The Fate of the Artist. Eddie Campbell, illustrator of From Hell and writer/illustrator of many fine comics, blogs here.
  • The Long Tail. Chris Anderson's blog about the changing nature of business, from the perspective of the theory presented in his book "The Long Tail."
  • The Marketing Blagger. Andy Bargery is a new marketing consultant in London. I found this through the London blogger's meetup (even though I am not there to attend one yet) and it's a good read in its own right.
  • The Monkey King. Wolfgang Baur's LJ. Wolf's Kobold Quarterly and his patronage project are two interesting things going on in the gaming world at the moment.
  • The Pirate's Dilemma. Blog for the book/project "The Pirate's Dilemma" about how 'open source culture' is reinventing capitalism. One of my current must-reads.
  • The Total War Center Forum Front Page News Feed. RSS feed of the news that hits the Total War Center forums, mostly mod updates and news about Empire: Total War, the next game in the series.
  • Twenty Sided. Geeky gaming blog, but always a pleasure to read.
  • Web Strategy by Jeremiah. Jeremiah Owyang's blog. Tends to me a little more brand-centric, but ultimately everything blends in new marketing anyway. Updates regularly with great content.
  • XKCD. This webcomic has become a blogosphere favorite, and I admit I read it regularly.
  • Your Daily Awesome. Something awesome, usually every day. Like Boing Boing but less pretentious and better quality.
And there you go. That post took me a week to write. If I missed you (specifically your shared items feed - I love those), drop me a line and I'll add you to my read-roll.


Bhagwan said...

Problem is not with the feed, it's an issue with google reader. Maxton and other feed readers can pick it up fine.

I could try and create a second feed from the LiveJournal account, but I really don't know what that would accomplish other than to sow more seeds of confusion.

matt said...

Glad you like the blog Jason - adding this to my bookmarks...

Cindi said...

I like http://lolsaur.com/ better then Lolcats.

Nothing says funny like extinct reptiles with big pointy teeth.

Brendan said...

I'm glad you like Anacrusis! I recently got back from spending five months as an expat in London, and I can assure you it's just like it's supposed to be. Good luck.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

thanx for the shoutout to Fallon Planning. i'll stay tuned to your blog now that i've found it.

Simon said...

Nice to see I make the grade :)

Have been meaning to catch up with you about your impending move but things are K.R.A.Z.E.E here...

See you soon?

Leah in Chicago said...

Thanks for the shout-out Mr. Jason! I'm so excited for your move, but sad we never got our drinks in Vegas as planned.