Friday, April 27, 2007

Liveblogging the Democratic Debate

I've got some time and two computers - why not liveblog the Democratic debate? It's streaming on MSNBC, IE-only.

[UPDATE 1]: Hillary Clinton kind of kicks some ass. I'm a little worried about the focus on the military timetable for withdrawal though - I can guarantee that's going to be something that Rove will pick and pick at if it so much as partially appears to fail.

[UPDATE 2]: Man, Obama sounds green at first glance compared to the others. Poor Obama.

[UPDATE 3]: Hillary Clinton: "I take responsibility for my vote." I wonder how many time the Bush administration has use the term "I take responsibility" for anything.

[UPDATE 4]: I've now heard all of them speak. So far, Clinton sounds best, followed by Edwards and Obama. Clinton has definitely gotten over the "John Kerry talk-to-much" problem.

[UPDATE 5]: Wow, I take that back. I hadn't heard Dodd speak. He's awesome.

[UPDATE 6]: "This war was lost the day George Bush invaded Iraq on a fraudulent basis." Nice. Now he's actually taking the Democrats in Congress to task. He sounds like he ought to be on a streetcorner somewhere. I like this guy, unfortunately he sounds like he's about to keel over from poor health.

[UPDATE 7]: John Edwards is telling anecdotes. He sounds... Bushlike?

[UPDATE 8]: Hillary just said "regulate" in relationship to the "economy." Cue right-wingers crying "socialist commie red!"

[UPDATE 9]: Dodd looks like a character from a movie. An actor. I can't quite place where, though.

[UPDATE 10]: Kucinich: "This isn't American Idol." Nicely done, sir.

[UPDATE 11]: Although he's avoiding the question and instead indicating that "I'm sorry isn't enough." Boy, if there's something that'll come back to bite you in politics...

[UPDATE 12]: Ha, Biden made a funny joke. Except I'm not sure it's a joke. Hmm.

[UPDATE 13]: Holy shit a brick, this guy from Alaska is amazing.

[UPDATE 14]: Abortion! There's a fun topic.

[UPDATE 15]: Edwards' response was pretty weak, and Obama's doesn't necessarily sound any better. Transparency: I do not support "partial birth" abortions, unless it's a medical necessity. But as Obama says, that's less than 1% of all abortions.

[UPDATE 16]: Now Obama is talking about Democrats and Republicans coming together to reduce teen pregnancy, for example. Good on you, sir.

[UPDATE 17]: "Name a model Justice alive today." Bill Richardson just named a dead Supreme Court justice. D'oh.

[UPDATE 18]: Miss Clinton, would you please blame video games? Thanks.

[UPDATE 19]: Woah. She's fucking this question up (re: Virginia Tech.) What the heck? It's like she totally lost her tempo here. And she avoids video games completely, and focuses on the failure of background checks on Cho. Good.

[UPDATE 20]: Kucinich had a gun? I wonder what for?

[UPDATE 21]: Health Care is interesting. Obama certainly presents the best argument here. Edwards, not so much. Obama actually has specific recommendations, he's not just throwing out generalities.

[UPDATE 22]: Richardson: we shouldn't raise taxes, but everyone will pay in. Huh?

[UPDATE 23]: Obama: put the Confederate flag in a museum. Thank you for putting a ridiculous non-topic in perspective.

[UPDATE 24]: Senator Clinton admits she's made a lot of mistakes. Welp.

[UPDATE 25]: Sorry, I got distracted finishing up my work.

[UPDATE 26]: Obama does an excellent job of informing the moderator that the potentially-damaging quote was incomplete, and came out looking great. Brandon, you'd be interested in what he said re: Israel and Palestine, and the failures of the Palestinian leadership. I didn't catch it all unfortunately.

[UPDATE 27]: "It's time to start treating the rest of the world as equals." Very nice, Mr. Crazy Alaskan.

[UPDATE 28]: Unfortunately I have to take off. Interesting debate. It's good to see them all in action.

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