Sunday, April 22, 2007

Frosty Hardison Gets What's Coming To Him

Thanks to Seattlest for alerting me to the fact that local dipshit Frosty Hardison (previously discussed here) was featured on The Daily Show, where they appropriately trotted his ignorance out and exposed it for what it is.

When people who believe the Earth was created in six days start dictating science curricula, it's high time we examine our process.

Fuck you, Frosty. Hope you like being exposed for the village idiot you are.

You do have to admit that Frosty does a pretty funny Church Lady and Robin Williams though.

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S. West said...

How interesting that a bastard, like you, would talk about someone like this with out doing any reading yourself... They, the entertainment producers and comics, take parts of what is recorded to make it funny for comedy shows. Did anyone notice that all the teacher had to do was Google, "Pros and cons of Global warming" to find "another side" of the story? All she could find was an article, that she refused to show, from the 70's. What this guy says makes sense, if you have listened to him. I've called this guy to ask him a few questions for myself.

Did you listen to him on the radio a few months back? Did you do any research for your self? You are a moron.