Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yeah, But I Didn't Like Lieberman Before it Was Cool Not To Like Him

The news that Senator Joe Lieberman lost the Connecticut primary tonight warms me right down to my little cockles. Let's be clear here: I'm a Democrat, and I feel very strongly that political extremism is what's gotten us into this mess, and that moderates displaying reason and reaching out to the other side will be what ultimately delivers us from it. But Joe Lieberman and I have a history.

Way back when I was in middle school, Joe Lieberman led a crusade in the Senate against violent video games. Ol' Joe has used this issue on and off ever since, and seems to have turned fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton on to the possibilities of exploiting it for political ends. In fact, it was Lieberman's support of banning violent video games that led to my support of Ralph Nader in 2000.

So, Joe, sorry to see you go. Don't the door hit your censorship-supporting ass on its way out, and if you've still got a piece of the First Amendment stuck in there from using the Bill of Rights to wipe yourself, please return it to the people of America at your earliest convenience. Thanks

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