Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who Goes There?

It's always interesting to look over the records of who's been visiting the Puppet Show. There are two kinds of visitors: regulars, and the one-offs. Regulars are easy to spot: they check around the same time each day, typically once or twice a day. One-offs check from odd places, and for some reason usually poke around my archives (leading me to believe that they got here through links.)

Most of the regulars I recognize, or can at least kind of figure out who they are (I only know one person in the Ottawa area, for example). Oklahoma City. Tulsa. Richmond, Virgina. Florida. And lots of folks from Seattle. There's a couple of mysteries - there's someone in the UK who checks every day, from a couple of different locations. Someone in France checks every other day or so (by the way, Mystery French Person, I have never met a French person I did not like, even though I have only met three of you.)

The one-offs - who knows? Someone in Edelman's Los Angeles office has been reading my blog this last week, so I can only hope that means good things. Whichever co-worker you are, I also hope what I write here doesn't change your professional opinion of me.

Alright, Liz is telling me it's time to do this weekend's yardwork, and she's right.

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Seth said...

I thought you were an okay guy until I read that you did yardwork. Now I'm not so sure.