Monday, May 15, 2006

iPod Poetry

Somewhat inspired by a meme on Bhagwanx, I offer the first lines of thirty random songs from my iPod, loosely cobbled together as a poem. The first line is the title. I'll post all the citations below. I skipped instrumental songs, dialogue, and speech tracks.

    "This Speech is My Recital"

    It was twenty years ago today
    Breaking my back just to know your name
    Stay away from me 'cuz I'm in my sin.

    Well all you ladies gather 'round
    I live cement, I hate this street
    Hey pig, yeah you.

    There's a hundred-thousand Frenchmen in New Orleans
    Whenever I want you around
    Some folks are born, made to wave the flag.

    Some days are diamonds
    I am gone, I am sold
    So this ain't the end.

    Baby take off your coat
    Standing on the dock at Southampton
    I like it, I like it.

    Babe, you're getting closer
    I'm rolling stones
    Beside a singing mountain stream.

    Disarm you with a smile
    I want to travel south this year
    In his mind he was a man.

    Clean shirt, new shoes
    All around the city
    Her eyes so sweetly gaze.

    We've been together for so very long
    Look in my eyes, what do you see?
    You know I told you once tonight

    One man

    I don't care.

"It's Tricky" - cover by Bloodhound Gang
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
"Somebody Told Me" - cover by Richard Cheese
"Gin House Blues" - Nina Simone
"Candy Man" - Mississippi John Hurt
"Caribou" - Pixies
"Piggy" - Nine Inch Nails
"Kingfish" - Randy Newman
"All I've Got to Do" - The Beatles
"Fortunate Son" - CCR
"Walls" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
"Prettiest Thing" - The Creatures
"Barracuda" - Heart
"You Can Leave Your Hat On" - Joe Cocker
"The Ballad of John & Yoko" - cover by Hootie & The Blowfish
"Crazy About the La La La" - Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
"Way Down" - Elvis
"Lost Highway" - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
"Flesh and Blood" - Johnny Cash
"Disarm" - Smashing Pumpkins
"I Stay Away" - Alice in Chains
"Outlaws of Love" - Bon Jovi
"Sharp Dressed Man" - ZZ Top
"Flip City" - Glenn Frey
"Time to Pray" - Reverend Horton Heat
"You Don't Love Me Anymore" - Weird Al
"Cult of Personality" - Living Color
"What Do All the People Know?" - The Monroes
"One Vision" - Queen
"Breed" - Nirvana

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