Monday, April 17, 2006

Life on the Inside

Working in downtown Seattle has reminded me of some of the reasons I like being in a larger city. One of my favorite times in a city is the early morning. People are first starting to wake up and go about their lives: delivery trucks, people going to work, everything is fresh and new and no one has had a shitty day yet. There are more smiles than frowns. It's the most optimistic part of the day, and being in the city, you become more aware than normal of how interconnected everything is. The fruit being lowered into the basement will adorn your lunchtime sandwich. The people you see on the street are in the buildings nearby, or in the stores where you shop, or the places you eat.

There's just a sense of vibrancy and a kind of organic life I've only felt in the city (be it Seattle, or London, or most of all New York.)

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Roger Whitson said...

This is why we should all move to cities and completely forsake the country. burn mother nature! BURN!