Friday, March 17, 2006

Zombies in Seattle

Seth pointed me in the direction of a local blog discussing holdouts in the case of a zombie attack. I contributed my Space Needle theory. I'm just not a big fan of the islands: while you may be better protected, you could eventually die from lack of resources.

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Roger Whitson said...

That's why the best way to survive a zombie attack is to be put into a coma a few days before the attack occurs. Then, awaken about a month later, go to rural areas with a group of people in a camper, find a prison where inmates have succesfully walled off the zombies in another section, kill the inmates (or trust them, depending upon what you think you should do here), use all of the canned food items left in the prison, THEN hold out the zombies with walls of the prison. Kill one or two every day with a pick-axe you find on the grounds, and start gardening. You should have a farmer on hand, as well as an ex-marine who won't go bonkers and try to have sex with the wife who thought you were dead while you were only in a coma.

It's all very dramatic, but then again, what zombie attack isn't?