Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Horizons

I've been fairly tight-lipped about this but for good reason. The 11th was my last day at Edelman, as I accepted a new position with a gaming company. Today we announced ourselves to the world, so I can say that I work for En Masse Entertainment, an MMO publisher, on their first title TERA.

I'm the Community Director here an En Masse, and we're putting a huge focus on community before, during and after the game's launch. It's an amazing opportunity for me not only because I'm back in the games industry and working with an awesome group of people, but it's possibly one of the best moves I can make for my professional development. We're going to do some kickass community work and I won't just be a part of it, I'll be leading it!

BrotherMagneto is back in the old community saddle!


Steve said...

Congrats, Jason! You're working with a good group there! We were pretty close to working together I think! ;)

Jeff Moore said...

Congrats on working in the "gaming world" again ... I think it's where you belong!

Jeff Moore