Friday, June 27, 2008

Wizards of the Coast VS. WizKids: What the Hell?

Imagine my surprise when this story rolls through my RSS feeds this morning: WotC, WizKids Settle Lawsuit. The details:

    Wizards has granted WizKids a license for the Pirates PocketModel Game to United States Patent No. 7,201,374, and all related patents that might issue.
Granted WizKids a license? For fuck's sake, I came up with the term constructible strategy game. Me. Jason Mical. I take full credit, because it was one of the things I was quite proud of as a 25-year-old marketing noob.

In fact, it says so in Wikipedia, providing some WotC revisionist doesn't get their hands on the article first. I've taken a screengrab and there's always the page's history should the revisionists arrive.

Lawyers truly are worthless, soulless human beings.

I really should think before I type. I know two very good lawyers, a good friend and my father-in-law, and I did not mean to offend. A more accurate statement would be that corporate greed turns people into soulless human beings.

Sorry guys!!


Tosha said...

I'm hurt. :(

Jason said...

Doh. :(