Sunday, December 30, 2007

Blast From the Past

Well here's a surprise: googling for pictures of Nietzsche, I come across my old Philosofighter mock-game. The email still links to my old email address and the link goes to my (now-defunct) old website. Kept alive (without credit, but I don't really care) by this chap. Crazyness!

Update: even stranger, the picture appears on this Arabic-language forum, and the text below translates to, according to Google reader:

    Wisdom of the world:

    Not standing on the ground and Teh
    Not climb very high!
    The world is Sightliest
    Go to the mid-high

    Quote says

    Strict and inflexible, and the harsh spectrum
    Familiar and strange, dirty and net
    Later psychiatric and wise
    I, I want to be all that
    At the same time Tabana, pigs and pardon!

    Wisdom violent man

    Not asking for something never! What feasibility Altaoh!
    But please, take the time.


    I do not like to be the other near me
    For the old and Alacasi highlands!
    Otherwise, I have to be stellar?!


    Researcher Anna! Beware of the word
    I only heavy - and the weight over rate
    There was nothing to do except I always reality
    Finally revoked the order until depths.


    Every happiness on earth
    Dear Chums in the conflict lies!
    Yes astronomical become friends
    To be gunpowder smoke!
    Three had met Mates:
    Brothers want to
    Equal before the enemy
    Free before death.

    Excessive in principle Wiz

    Walking on the capital fingers first
    Embark on four lists
    The passage through the pin hole of the first pass through the doors hole!

    People Alracon

    That play - should be praising!
    But accept higher
    He even lived above the praise
    It is the top!

    On the door of my house

    Held at the Betty
    Start with one of the Aguetdit
    We have mocked Above all teachers
    What scoffed at the same First!


    That would be a wise lady
    Responsive to the advice
    Ahmed God created the world as places Bahmk

    And I took the road
    Including possible mad
    Because of the largest Wise started here
    Because the madness stop here

    All eyes eternal
    Forever resorted
    The same God - you started and where!
    God is not the same without interruption begins

    Arthur Cobinhor
    What he learned demolished
    What could not lived cancelled
    Take for example!
    The teacher never underwent

    That ye love that accompanied
    Love paedophile warmly

    Without home

    Prompted fast horses
    Without confusion without fear
    A spacious dimensions
    Rani and me
    It introduced quail
    Mr. without home!
    Use bold and were veterans
    The kwenye
    Dear Star Buraq, you enjoyed!
    Not dare to one
    After this Fessalni
    Where there are blighted
    I never connected
    Balamknh hours or fugitive
    Eagle as a free I
    Use bold, Be Old
    For the month of May Atakzlni you smart, you enjoyed!
    Nokia to extinction really?
    I accept that the highest violent death?
    That is hardly accept.
    Enter the highest grave
    And refrain from drinking at all?
    Use bold and were veterans
    The kwenye
    Iahelma many colors, you enjoyed!


    As long as my body is beautiful, it
    I allowed that I protects!
    Known that God loves women,
    The hostesses were first
    Forgive that, I am sure
    Khoury of the small loves, as some young Akhuriin
    And be for the two sides

    What is Brahb Church!
    Not often that a young red
    Despite the dark and filled with Alskrat
    Balamabat and jealousy
    Hated any disability,
    Loveth not very old,
    How wise was necessary
    Even function on the machine, the father ordered!

    Church mastered life
    Absorbed hearts and faces
    Always want to forgive me
    It is therefore not forgive me?
    Ehmson and slowly, and then all the way
    Carrying with him new sin
    And as soon as the strike old!

    May God bless the Earth
    Who loves beautiful
    And forgive the same willingly
    This type of heart pain.
    As long as my body beautiful
    I allowed it to be Tekaya:
    Chechen be old
    Satan will accept me Research!

    The believer!

    Hate as hate amenable to lead
    The Atia!? No! And never will judge!
    Not for the same terrifying, one does not inspire terror
    Only horror suggests he can lead others.
    I hated the leadership of self time
    I also loved the animal forest and the sea
    Until waste
    In Sohar nice sit squat
    I ask self recent term,
    Aggrey alone and self -

    Pious talk

    God created us love it!
    ((God created man!)) As your answer brilliant.
    It does not create loves what?
    It will require created by the undeniable?
    Winding it to the wisdom, it holds attach devil.


    -- How can I rise this mountain best?
    -- No wonder continued to emanate!


    I already let many things slip and fall Mona
    For this you Tsfinu Palmzdri
    But drink from cups
    Very full, it will fall a lot and go
    But such can be said about that flouted wine

    Magician against their will

    Delivered, so to spend time, the words
    In the air - were sufficient to inflict woman

    Souls Province

    You hate souls Province
    Where good and slag as well.


    Ignored tired of the search
    I learned that I
    Since the wind Glaptni
    Become a club with all the wind

    To a friend pieces

    If you want to for your eyes and your bones
    Stay in the shade to prosecute the sun

    Vade mecum, vade tecum - Lieutenant friend, a friend Lieutenant

    Orchids methods and languages
    Ataatbni, with me anymore?
    Not only yourself and faithfully follow you
    Then Sttbni - Slowly!

    Badminton Takrbc

    Badminton Takrbc: is unbearable
    Amovernm permission Bakherbch?
    Therefore, whenever captured boldly Dwati
    Write Waves of ink
    How Mitra flowing so generously!?
    How successful in everything, no matter how I wrote
    Without doubt, write complaining of the lack of clarity
    Humenny what? Then think of reading what I write?!!!

    Zhou poet

    Give me only Samga
    Sajid wood myself!
    Giving meaning to the four Qguav to Amacolh
    Not a little astonishing!

    Who chooses to taste

    That left me to chose
    A small pleasure
    Central pick paradise
    Or perhaps Bbabh best!
Well that about takes care of my strangeness requirement for the day.

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