Friday, August 31, 2007

Blog Day 2007!

I didn't know about this until I read it on Leah's Blog a few moments ago, but today is Blog Day. What, you might ask, is Blog Day?

    BlogDay posting instructions:

    1. Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting
    2. Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2007
    3. Write a short description of the Blogs and place a link to the recommended Blogs
    4. Post the BlogDay Post (on August 31st) and
    5. Add the BlogDay tag using this link: and a link to the BlogDay web site at
So here's my five blogs, in no particular order:

1. My Old Kentucky Blog: I ran into this blog back during the Vista outreach days, but it kind of fell off my radar until I was looking for something this morning. Now that I'm cramming my Google Reader full of everything, I subscribed and have been going to back to check out all of his posts. Really great site for music.

2. Copy, Right?: Along the same lines as #1, Copy, Right? is an MP3 blog devoted to nothing but cover songs. There's some great stuff on here (and this, incidentally, is what I was looking for this morning.)

3. the other leftie Seattle political blog. I actually cheated and found this yesterday, following a link from the Slog, but whaddyagonnado.

4. Londonist: News and goings-on in London. Part of the Gothamist network, of which regular read Seattlest is a member.

5. Their site sums it up best: "Welcome to the post-apocalyptic (PA) movie page, where we are in the process of reviewing and logging as many trashy wasteland based post-nuke films as possible." What's not to love?

So what about you, Puppeteers? Got anything worth reading? Get your comments all up in my comment grill.

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