Saturday, July 07, 2007

Why I'll Never Understand Fashion

I've never been the kind of person who paid much attention to fashion. Sure, as a kid I recognized that big basketball shoes were fashionable so I went through a phase where I wanted those, and in high school I did the whole "anti-fashion fashion" thing by wearing white t-shirts and jeans. Now I know enough to not look ten years out of date, but for the most part I just dress nicely and things work out. That's the extend of my knowledge of and participation in the "fashion scene."

A few weeks ago, at the start of Seattle's summer - AKA the "not so rainy season" - I noticed a lot of girls wearing colossal sunglasses. My first thought was, and I'm not kidding here, "wow, there sure are a lot of girls getting beaten up by their boyfriends/husbands." I guess being a social worker for two years still has some effect on me.

I asked Liz and it and her response was something along the lines of "oh yeah, the Jackie O glasses are back," and it took very little Googling to determine that we can yet again thank Paris Hilton (who did more time than Scooter Libby - how's that for a comforting thought?) for this latest trend. I'm still not seeing the end of the "little chihuahua in a giant pink purse" trend either. In fact, just last night outside our local Mexican restaurant we saw a little chihuahua on a leash wearing a little doggy cowboy shirt and a little doggy pair of jeans. Putting pants on a dog is bad enough, but to make matters worse the pants were open at the ass, thus negating the point of pants - to cover up your butt and give the pants-wearing creature a sense of smug superiority over the other, ass-hanging-out residents of the planet.

I just don't understand fashion, and I don't understand accessorizing with something not meant to be an accessory - like a dog.

On a completely unrelated note, do you all have your iPhones yet?

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Steve said...

Hey...I thought you weren't allowed to talk about iPhones! ;)