Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's a Strange World

Today I witnessed something truly odd.

As I'm getting a shot of Espresso, a Mercedes turns into a parking garage nearby and nearly clips a pedestrian. It might have actually brushed him with its mirror or hit him, I'm not really sure. But the guy yells at the Mercedes driver through his open window to watch where he's going.

The driver yells something back.

The guy walks towards the window and starts doing the whole macho posturing thing.

The driver pulls into the parking garage.

While he's taking his ticket (for which he had to roll his window down all the way), the guy grabs his arm. Then he reaches in and opens the door.

Then, the guys start fighting on the sidewalk.

The best part is? They're both white businessmen, and both were probably in their 50s.

I was cheering for the guy on the street, personally. Fuck guys who own Mercedes.

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