Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Video of the Day

I've been listening to videos for the Guitar Hero 2 songs all day through the YouTube links in my other post, and I decided to search for some of my favorite music videos from when MTV actually played music. Here's possibly the best video made during the 1980s, "Take on Me" for A-Ha.


Angus said...

I pretty much did the same thing the other day...was going through youtube looking for 80s videos. All of a sudden, I decided to look for two Ottawa area acts that became famous to see if everyone could get a glimpse of them beforehand.

Take a look, from 1991:


The rap band Organized Rhyme where Tom Green got his start.

He's the main rapper around 1:30 into the video. He's wearing an Ottawa Senators baseball cap through a lot of the video, and wears a red coat getting off the bus at the beginning.

I actually saw Organized Rhyme perform as an opening act once.

Second one, from 1991:


Alanis with Too Hot. (She didn't use her last name Morisette in her pop days.)

Jason said...

Hey Angus - long time no see (Nice Alanis link too!) Can you email me - just like my WK email, but @gmail.... etc. Let's catch up.