Thursday, October 26, 2006

Birthday from Hell (Kinda)

My birthday this year was probably my second-worst birthday ever. It's going to take a lot to top my teacher slapping me with detention for not writing my spelling words ten times as homework (as happened in the fifth grade on my birthday), but this one came pretty close.

Long story short is I spent about 12 hours at my office working, and then spent another hour at home working. Luckily, the day after my birthday - when all that hard work paid off - turned out to be pretty decent.

The birthday wasn't a total wash - I got to talk to my parents, my brother (whom I almost never talk to), and my grandparents, so that was cool. Plus I am the proud owner of a new 80 GB video iPretentiousPod, and a pretty bitching iHome iPod iDock with an iClock built in, that replaced the old (non-i)CD player on my nightstand.

Also: I got pizzaid for my wizzork on the d20 Modern Fallout game, an amount that turned out to be about ten times what I got paid for my previous contract. Oddly enough, I already have a future work prospect buzzing around as well. Too bad I can't do this freelance thing full-time - yet.


Brandon said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Glad to hear the day after went well -- and hey, at least this year's wasn't the worst!

Hope all is going well.

Liz said...

Nice to note all who tried to make your birtday better... except your wife. Who made your favorite dinner within the bounds of your diet, bought you a nice bottle of one of your favorite wines, and stuck a candle in your dinner since desert was off the menu. Also, purchaser of said cool birthday presents...