Sunday, August 08, 2004

Jock Jams

Normally I don't care one whit for physical sports, since I'm usually not that good at 'em, but I do have to brag just a little this morning.

Last night we went over to Sunset Bowl for a great time with Jon and Seth and too many other people to mention. It was a late party for Jon's birthday; I bowled four games or so and had a blast.

In the second game, I bowled a 186. The highest I've ever bowled, ever. I think my record before last night was something like 110, maybe 112. I printed out the score card, and I'm going to scan it at work tomorrow for evidence.

OK, bragging over.

Incidentally, I bowled a 59 in the last game, so my career as a professional bowler is on hold.

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Seth said...

Kneel! Kneel before the Destroyer of Pins!