Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Anti-Catholic Right

I post this mainly out of interest to two of my Catholic friends, one of whom is probably more liberal than I, the other is fairly conservative and/or libertarian, depending.

When I lived in Oklahoma, I was often astounded at some of the anti-Catholic vitrol that came from the "born-again" Christians there; I mean, there are plenty of things wrong with the Catholic Church, but I recall one incident from high school where someone called me a "papist" (a word I thought had slipped from the English language around, say, the third month of the Kennedy administration) and informed me that I was going to hell for worshipping Mary.

Then I read articles like this that explain why W., as a born-again Christian, is a far better person than Kerry, who isn't.

One thing I should mention: evangelical, fundamentalist Protestants have developed a "language" all their own. Through endless Sundays of listening to preachers, well, preach, they have created catch-phrases that, to the average reader, mean nothing, but cause reactions among evangelical readers - much like a dog's mouth watering when you ring a bell (to be fair, all religions do this to some degree or another, but unless you know what to look for, you might miss the evangelical Protestant language in the article). So if you stumble across things you don't quite understand, that's because the author is attempting to key off beliefs his target audience already shares.


Wolfgang Baur said...

That article seems to TOTALLY IGNORE the fact that Kerry requested service "in-country" in Vietnam with the Swift Boats. All that crap about him "avoiding service" just like the author and Bush is, well, crap.

Kerry didn't duck serving. The Right can't seem to get over this, and keeps denying it in a thousand weasel ways. Fie on their dishonesty.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed how all the evangelical Christians flocked to see "The Passion", raving and screaming about how much they loved it... and it was an excessively Catholic movie. Mel Gibson intentionally did it as such... but hey, we are going to hell.