Monday, January 18, 2010

On Time

Back to the Future had it wrong.

Time is linear. If time travel were possible, it would only happen within the context of a single timeline, which is to say that anything 'changed' in the past would actually just be part of the same timeline, which is to say that it wouldn't change at all.

You can't actually go back in time to kill your grandfather before your father was born.

However you could go back in time to arrange to buy stock in a company that did really well, and have the money all delivered on the same day. Say, like, several billion dollars. Preferably by dump truck for maximum dramatic effect.

Then you could use your money to devote your life to building the same time machine that you used to give yourself money in the first place.

In fact, I would very much like to do this.

No dump trucks have arrived at my house today.


Roger Whitson said...

What are you, a proponent of the time travel theory on Lost?

Jason said...

I'm a proponent of good writing, which is fundamentally at odds with being a proponent of anything related to Lost.