Friday, March 30, 2007

David Lynch On Product Placement in Films

Although certainly not being discussed at the moment in the same way PR efforts are, marketing and advertising efforts to place products in films and TV shows is a far older discussion. If you can spot a product in a movie, chances are the company paid to put it there.

My favorite director weighs in:

Via MeFi. Incidentally, the interviewer is wrong: this isn't a "growing trend," it's been going on for years.

By the way, one of my favorite solutions for a movie that couldn't receive any product placement offers, Repo Man:

Image comes from an interview with Repo Man director Alex Cox, which contains the story of the awesome generics.

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Roger said...

well, I agree with Lynch. Then again, he can say that...he's pretty successful and well-known and can produce movies without as much funding as someone who isn't of his caliber.

But the weird story is comic books and product placing...Marvel now has its characters using Panasonic. Weird weird weird.