Friday, February 02, 2007

More Warming

The proof just keeps on coming - more and more scientists, more and more studies, all saying the same thing: global warming is happening, and humans are causing it.

Is it any wonder that the same people who oppose it are often the same people who think creationism should be taught alongside evolution in science courses? Or that Saddam was a "slam-dunk" for having weapons of mass destruction?

Yeah. People who live apart from a little something called "reality."


Roger Whitson said...

You know, I used to make arguments in the same half-funny tone that you invoke in this message but I feel with all of the weather shit going on right now--did you hear about the horrible 4 in the morning tornadoes that touched down just south of where I live?--this denial about Global Warming is dangerous and stupid. It's one thing to deny evolution. I don't really care about that, as long as the evolution deniers stay on Fox TV and don't infiltrate our schools. But this global warming issue is about the survival of the planet and our survival as a species. EVERYTHING else is secondary in my opinion--the War on Terror, health care, etc. If we don't get our shit together soon (and it may be too late if you read the article) we are fucked in about 100 years.

Jason said...

Well alright. I've been writing letters to the editor, and to the school board that wanted to present the 'counterpoint' in science class (see previous posts.) I'm not just sitting here and being snarky, I'm actually doing what I can in the time I have to change things sirrah.