Friday, January 26, 2007

The Rachael Ray Appreciation Station

I typically don't make posts like this, but I feel it is necessary. Rachael Ray is a chef cook celebrity of sorts on the Food Network. Her gig is to be like a younger, hipper Martha Stewart without the baggage. And all the home improvement stuff. So she mostly focuses on cooking.

Then I read this morning on my favorite news aggregator/waste of time a thread titled "Rachael Ray is an annoying idiot." And in this thread the poster stated that "I swear to god i cant buy a box of wheat thins or a microwave pizza anymore without having this goblin scowl back at me with her 8 million teeth. Her stupid fucking face is on pretty much everything at the grocery store."

Goblin? 8 million teeth? Feh, I say to you sir. Feh.

I'll say it: Rachael Ray is hot and the only reason you don't like her is because she's hot and has done well for herself. So screw you.

Now back to your regular Puppet programming.

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Roger said...

got evoo?